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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 27, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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a short time ago a tow truck came in and towed away a charred cab and moved it out from the lanes of the market street off-ramp, so all the lanes are back open there. a small cleanup job is going on the side, but traffic not really affected at this point. the trailer and contents inside are still good, and we did see another rig that came in and took the contents of the trailer away. so everything inside the truck salvageable this morning after this big rig caught fire. we're live. oakland police are looking for the gunman who shot a young man with an assault weapon. the drive-by shooting happened shortly after 10:00 at 82nd avenue and dowling street.
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the gunman fired several shots. the victim suffered several gunshot wounds and is now listed in very serious condition. it's still not clear what led up to the attack. investigators are talking to witnesses as they search for the gunman. a driver who is facing felony charges for a crash that killed a danville mother and her daughter earlier this year returns to court this morning. prosecutors have charged john harris with vehicular manslaughter for the accident on sick more valley road last november. he got behind the wheel with a serious medical condition that made it dangerous for him to drive, and they say that constitutes gross negligence. a judge could set the trial date today. the time is 7:04. a man and woman facing criminal charges this morning, accused of one tracking a pregnant woman. the suspects tried to steal the woman's laptop after a train left concord. the woman refused to hand it
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over. the suspects allegedly punched her and took her cell phone. the passengers called the operator and the suspects were arrested after the train arrived at the pittsburgh station. the pregnant woman was treated and released. today is the deadline for the governor to sign the new state budget. lawmakers are expected to vote on the 21 final budget bills called trailer bills this morning. so the governor can sign them by the end of the day. the budget plan for the fiscal year that begins july 1 is depending on voters approving governor brown's tax hike initiative in november. if voters reject that initiative, several automatic budget cuts would be triggered. also today the city of stockton is expected to become the largest american city ever to file for bankruptcy after the stockton city council voted last night in favor of that move. coming up for you at 7:35,
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we'll bring you a live report. it is 7:05. you may soon see more water bottle filling stations around san francisco. this is part of a proposal to help reduce waste. >> good morning. the city of san francisco for years has been trying to get people to stop using these. when they want people to start using more of these reusable bottles. there are about 12 filling station in san francisco, making it very convent for people to fill these up. these are really supposed to be better for you health wise and certainly more economical.
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at the board of supervisors meeting yesterday they talked about this ordinance, wanting to make new construction and renovations construction projects, making them required to install these drink tap stations. the board of supervisors president explained why he thinks it's a good idea. >> every year californians get rid of 1 billion water bottles in landfills. every single plastic water bottle takes over 1,000 years to degrade. >> tap water in san francisco comes from the reservoir, and the public utilities commission says this is some of the best tasting water around that you're going to find which is essentially the same as many of these. a lot of these are simply tap
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water that you're paying money for instead of the one cent per gallon. that's what you're getting out of your sinks and would come out of these if they install more of them within the city, making it very convent and easy. cheers to you. cheers to you. >> cheers to you. the u.s. senate has come up with a plan to stop the student loan rate from doubling on july 1st. in a rare show of by partisanship leaders worked together on a plan that affects 7 million students. coming up, one big hurdle that still stands in the way. how are we doing out on the roads? >> we're doing okay. we're looking at traffic that is doing not all that bad. as a matter of fact, the morning commute on westbound
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bay bridge could be worse. it is only backed up for a little bit. there are no major problems getting into the city. also, the morning commute looks good on north and southbound 680 -- i'm sorry -- 101. i have 680 on my time which i'll tell you about in a moment. not that bad coming up through there. the busiest traffic is 101. the maps will show that hayward southbound 880 traffic is slow and 680 a little slow through pleasant hill to walnut creek. we do have mostly clear skies, a little bit of fog on the coast, but temperatures start to warm up pretty fast. yesterday a little warm. we've been below average for the longest time maybe a few upper 80s. you'll see some of them towards north bay and wrapping back
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towards the valley. patchy fog, sunny and warmer, fog mostly on the coast, parallel. the warm weather kicks back in, just getting us back to average. we were 10, 15 degrees below on monday. the lows much warmer, fairfield already 58 at this time yesterday. little ripples coming down and spin in the atmosphere is going to enhance the fog probably starting today. patchy fog, breezy at times, but nothing compared to the past couple of mornings. 60s, 70s, 80s, far enough away from the coast as in many of these cities.
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60s mainly, beautiful day for baseball, lots of sun, breezy, temperatures mid to upper 60s. just a slight bump up on the temperatures on saturday. we're following breaking news out of newark, new jersey, where the u.s. coast guard is investigating a container ship possibly containing stow aways. they heard what sounded like people inside one of those containers. the ship departed from pakistan several weeks ago, but was loaded up in india. its last stop was in egypt. the container said to be carrying machine parts headed to norfolk, virginia. immigration and customs enforcement agents are headed to the scene. again, there is word of possible stow a ways in new jersey. the story we'll continue to follow for you this morning. a terrifying story about what visitors at the zoo saw.
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an adult male chimpanzee attacked and killed a three month old female chimp yesterday. the zoo said the dead chimp is still with her mother and grandmother, giving them a chance to grief. there had been no sign of aggressive behavior against her. still not clear what will happen to the adult male chimp. another strange twist in a case, an unusual demand his wife is making in order to many could back from venezuela to testify @
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in syria gunmen attacked a pro government tv station today killing seven employees. the syrian government says it is another example of rebel atrocities. syrian president now saying his country is in a real estate of war. on saturday hillary clinton will join representatives from other countries to try to find a way to end the fighting.
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just a couple days left before student loan rates will double. congress appears to have a deal in the works. >>reporter: congress is taking it down to the wire. this is a live look at a count down clock showing student loan rates will double if congress doesn't act, interest rates on new stafford loans go from 3.4% to 6.8%. 7.5million students would be affected. leaders say they had a deal late yesterday to keep the current loan rates for a year. republicans took a swipe at president obama when they announce it had. >> the president has been largely uninvolved, but we think we have an understanding that will be acceptable to the
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house. >> republicans could still squash the deal sadness in hollywood, mourning the death of a legendary writer and director. she lost her battle with leukemia, dying at a hospital in new york where she was being treated. her work includes romantic comedies like "when harry met sally" and also wrote incredible best selling books including "heartburn." she was 71. there are no details in the jerry sandusky case, complaints about the former football coach may have fallen on deaf ears.
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his adopted sun matt recently accused him of sexual abuse. . there is new fall out in the martin case. the lead investigator has been reassigned to the patrol division at his request. the gunman was recommended to face manslaughter charges. zimmerman could have diffuse had the situation if he identified himself as a neighborhood watch volunteer, they say. the case of a suspended sheriff has taken a strange turn. his wife is reportedly ready to fly up from venezuela to testify in person at her husband's misconduct hearing with one condition.
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the ethics commission pays for her plane ticket. that could cost as much as $2,000. the commission's director said his panel simply does not have the money. time now 7:18. there's talk of boycotting oreo cookies after this was posted. it included the caption, "proudly support love." these pictures received 150,000 likes and more than 20,000 comments. a lot of the comments were cheering the ad, but there were some people who vow to boycott
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the cookies. speaking of coffee, a new study suggesting drinking coffee may save your life. a study from the american heart association found that drinking two cups a day gave you an 11% lower risk of dell opening heart failure compared to people who don't drink any coffee at all. five cups or more may actually hurt you, though. you may see some smoke tomorrow morning when the u.s. navy plans to blow up ammunition. the demolition project is set to begin about 10:00 in the morning and last about an hour.
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the popular discovery channel show "myth busters" will be allowed to resume filming in dublin, but not be allowed to conduct cannonball experiments after one of them damaged a home nearby. instead of giving a toaster as a wedding gift, how about giving a campaign donation? that's the idea behind a new gift registry set up by president obama's re-election campaign, allowing supporters to tell guests to donate to the president's campaign instead of giving a traditional wedding, birthday or anniversary gift. the president's campaign website says, a donation to the president's campaign goes a lot further than a gravy bowl. later on today, more strike
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authorization meetings will be held for employees lucky and save mart grocery stores. a contract for union members has run out and negotiations with management have failed so far. union leaders say there's several sticking point, but they say the biggest is that the company doesn't want to increase contributions to keep their benefits in place. the warmup continues today. summer temperatures in store for your area and when it's all expected to change. plus, the three bay area police department that will soon be getting millions of dollars. if you're driving on the bridge, the traffic looks pretty good if you head out to the peninsula. more about the morning commute and bay weather coming up. ♪
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this morning's commute is still slow. we had an earlier car fire, although 24 is really recovered. 680 is backed up to highway 4. we did have a chain reaction on 680 heading south and making the drive to 24. sunny for most locations, but along the coast and half moon bay airport overcast. some locations have to do with the fog, but mostly confined. water temperatures have come up. they were really cold last week, 47 to 52 degrees. now they're b-52 to 58. nothing too hot here. there will be a few upper 80s.
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sixty, 70s, 80s, don't see much change tomorrow, but the fog wins out friday and saturday for a cooling trend. sunday looks a little warmer. it is 7:26. the official action is expected later today. what will become the biggest u.s. city ever to declare bankruptcy? firefighters in california prepare for a busy fire season as crews in colorado battle a wildfire there. what they all have in common. also, you can wake up with ktvu every morning. get the morning's top stories that developed while you were sleeping on your cell phone at 6 a.m. you can get your morning wake up call by texting the word wake up. 70123.
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it is 7:30. local firefighters bracing for another difficult and drawn out wildfire season here. hot, dry and windy conditions will fuel fires like the ones burning in colorado and elsewhere in the western u.s. wore showing you how preparations are being made.
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>>reporter: good morning. we're sitting here in a bulldozer that use today cut align around the fire to prevent it from going further could contain it. it's what they used in colorado, but unfortunately that fire had other plans and jump had it force all of those evacuations.
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crews here at the air base have all of their equipment out on the tarmac this morning just to give you an idea of what it takes to keep people safe. coming up we're going to go up in the tower to give you a bird's eye view of all of this equipment and what it looks like from there. we're live in santa rosa. 7:32. meanwhile, the situation in colorado is getting worse, firefighters having to deal with getting control of several huge wildfires. the one burning near colorado springs doubled in size overnight, forcing 32,000 people to leave their homes when the fire jump had a containment line and is now within city limits. the fire also forced part of
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the air force academy to close. dozens of homes have burned since saturday when that fire started. it's getting way too close. i can't believe they're not getting people out of here faster. there's so many people that need to get out of here. >> i took a picture, and now you can't see anything. >> firefighters say record breaking triple digit temperatures is making the fire almost impossible to fight. time now 7:33. well, colorado is not the only place where firefighters are very busy fighting wildfires. this one in utah has burned at least two dozen homes. a woman was found dead yesterday in one of the areas evacuated. all of a military training exercise is blamed for a wildfire in camp pendleton.
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so far it has burned 250 acres. some of the people close to the military base say they have to close their doors and windows because of the heavy smoke. it is 7:33. the volunteer fire department is replacing its fire engine at no cost. george lucas is giving one of the two fire engines from the ranch to the department. the volunteers have been trying to work out a deal to buy it, when he decided to donate the truck. that means they can buy other needed firefighting equipment this year. they're looking for signs of possible sex offenders praying on children. officials say this is just a precaution, and there have been no incidents involving sex offenders since the county fair opened last wednesday. so far five people have been arrested at the fair, mostly
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for alcohol-related offenses. >> i have seen a lot of security around and i feel comfortable. >> more than 150,000 people have visited the fair in the past week. the san francisco district attorney's office deciding to delay filing child porn graphy charges against a gay rights advocate. they say waiting for computer evidence to be finished before they make a decision involving larry benn kin. police arrested him at his san francisco home friday night. he worked for the san francisco human rights commission for 22 years before he retired in 2010. the san francisco police department and board of supervisors investigating alleged attacks against members of a group that opposings the chinese government. about 6,000 people have so far seen the you tube video that shows members protesting in san
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francisco's china town. this june 10 video has been shown. in 1999 china out lawed them for being a cultigens chinese values. legal experts believe a south bay man charged with beating a former priest will likely get acquitted, but a judge's decision will not give the suspect what he really wants, confronting the priest in open court. he's accused of sexual abuse in '75. the judge struck his entire testimony from the record. today the city of stockton
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will make unwanted history. it will be become the largest u.s. city to ever file for bankruptcy protection. mike is in stockton right now to tell us about the plan the city has to dig itself out of this huge hole. good morning. the sunrising on a new day are but also to this morning headline, "bankrupt." take a look at this headline because last night at this council meeting, voting 6-1 to adopt a new budget designed specifically to pay for city services during bankruptcy protection. so bankruptcy inevitable now in stockton. one of the biggest contentions or issues is the fact that this budget will ultimately eliminate medical benefits for retirees. you can imagine they were none
7:38 am
too happy. >> you sit up there every meeting and pat yourselves on the back over how brave you are making these tough decisions, but you're not brave. you failed. you failed the city and all of these people. >>reporter: back here live you can see they're basically cleaning up to start a new day, but that new day going to involve bankruptcy protection. we're expecting that the city will be filing the formal declaration of bankruptcy in sacramento's federal court as early as this morning, as late as the end of the week, but either way before july 1 when stockton will become the largest city to file for bankruptcy. keep in mind, that does not solve their financial issues. in fact, as you will remember, another town did the same thing several years ago, and they're
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still dealing with the lingering effects of that decision. now the city, they held the title of the largest american city to ever declare bankruptcy. officials say after what they've been through they feel sorry for stockton. . we're going to check in general with sal. >> it is pretty business thy morning. we're going to show you some live pictures and take you to some of the busiest commutes. i want to start off with a look at highway 101. there's a crash near peninsula avenue. they found out the injuries were not severe, and the
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traffic is backing up on northbound 101 as you approach 92. if you're thinking of 280, i think that's a good bet. if you're looking at the south bay, northbound 101 is the busiest. let's go to live pictures. i want to start out with 880. you can see the traffic moving along relatively well near the coliseum. at the bay bridge a backup of 10 to 15 minutes passing 880. you will see the old toll plaza being torn down on the left just in case you're wondering so maybe we'll get the parking lot back at some point. sunny for most, not
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everywhere, but temperatures warming up fast. high pressure deciding to build in for a couple days. temperatures getting near seasonal averages, siftties, 70s and 80s. there's the fog. 50s, a couple 40s, but they didn't last long. once you have the low eject out of here, that changes. patchy fog, afternoon sea breeze, nothing outrageous, but a little puff of a breeze. warmer weather kicks in.
7:42 am
sunny and warmer except for a few on the coast. breezy at times, 74 oakland. concordatyconcord 84. a little chilly in areas. lots of sun, breezy, temperatures mid 60s to maybe a few upper 60s. extended outlook about the same for thursday. the cool down starts friday. 7:42. microsoft offices attacked.
7:43 am
a van drives through the front door. why young men are walking around san francisco without hardly any clothes on for a good cause.
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mandatory evacuations have been ordered for thousands of residents, and the governor of florida has declared a state of emergency. what's it like there, george. >>reporter: we just got new
7:46 am
rainfall estimates in this county alone, learning that we got 30 inches in the several days of sustained rain. you see what it did to this house. basically what used to be the front yard is now covered in water. it's like a small lake. we actually spent time with many residents, going into their neighborhoods and seeing their homes for the first time since the floods. dodging power lines and low hanging branches, we took a boat ride as emergency crews took them through what used to be their neighborhood. >> i can't believe the current through here. it's ripping. >>reporter: after passing several homes. >> i don't recognize anything. >>reporter: officials say crews had to rescue dozens from their
7:47 am
homes. >> the amount of rain we had, some of the folks didn't have time to pack their things and move out. >>reporter: across florida, people are returning to their homes to find out what, if anything, is salvageable. debby made landfall late tuesday and is headed for atlantic, but not before the storm drops another 4-8 inches on top of the two photo that's already fallen in places. water rose to the second floor in some homes, but they're determined to start over, though they can't help and look back a little regretfully at all the hours they put into their house that they now have to rebuild. >> we're safe. >> god will get us through it. >>reporter: people will obviously have to wait until the waters recede before they can start the process of rebuilding, but the water
7:48 am
rushing in picks up a lot of things. i've been dodging fire ants here doing the live shot here with you. it's the sort of thing that people have to watch out for with so much water, it has pushed up a lot of things from the woods. >> i lived in florida so i know what you're talking about. still concern over the debt turmoil in europe. americans signed more contracts to buy previously occupied homes. the dow jones up 80 flee, nasdaq up 17, s&p up . apple has come out on top in a legal battle with samsung. a judge has ordered samsung to temporarily stop selling its galaxy 10.1 tablet computer.
7:49 am
the ban will continue while a court considers copyright. time now 7:48. starting today people in hong kong, thailand and 10 other asian nations have their own itunes on your line stores. until now they had to have a gift card purchased in a country that had an itunes store. now they can use credit cards issued in their home countries. china, which accounts for a big part of apple's revenues, still does not have an itunes store. yahoo is changing its on demand music system, phasing out subscription service called rhapsody, replacing it. it's free on computer, but users who pay 10 bucks a month
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can choose songs for play back on mobile devices. it is 7:49. new this morning, terrorists strike a microsoft office in athens, greece. it burned the entrance, but tho one was injured. preliminary reports suggest three people were involved. no one is claiming responsibility for the attack, but it is similar to ones pulled off by an arckist groups in greece degrees over the years. microsoft says the company has not received any warnings or threats. the one provision of arizona's immigration law upheld by the u.s. supreme court will not take effect until july 20, and it could be even longer than that. on monday the u.s. supreme court upheld arizona's requirement that police check the immigration status of people they stop for other reasons. opponents are expected to ask the judge in coming days to put the requirement on hold while
7:51 am
they argue that the law cannot be enforced without racial profiling. time now 7:50. happening now, men dressed only in their boxer underwear. their walking san francisco streets. the goal is to encourage you to donate suits for mens warehouses national suit drive. the drive collects gently used mens as well as women's business attire for those who can't afford to buy the suit. >> these suits are going to stay local, go to charitable organizations and help the unemployed get better jobs by dressing for success. >> if you're impressed and want to help out, donations are being accepted at the five bay area locations. >> an important story to run. >> yeah. >> i'm sticking to it.
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a pipeline disaster. what they say happened more than 50 years ago that may be to blame. why some are criticizing university's responses. ♪ ♪
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. an unexpected fireworks show. luckily no one was hurt, but those explosions lasted 30 minutes. the owner of that stand now faces criminal charges. a new theory behind the cause of the 2010 deadly
7:55 am
pipeline explosion. a blast on a stress test performed on the same pipeline more than 55 years ago. the tests could have damaged the pipeline without leading to a full rupture. the explosion killed eight and destroyed 38 homes. the coast guard has called off the search for a baseball fan believed to have fallen into the bay. he was last seen on peer 32 monday night. his friends say he did not know how to swim. san francisco police, fire boats and the coast guard searched the waters monday night and again yesterday morning. the search was called off around one in the afternoon. the computer hacker claims he stole information from san jose state university's computer system. he was bragging on twitter that he stole 10,000 social security numbers along with other
7:56 am
private information. the university denies all claims that there was a security breach involving sensitive information. >> there's no need to notify the students again because that process is triggered by a breach of material like social security numbers. . let's check in general one more time with sal for an update. how are things going on the east shore? >> they're a little cloudy. by the time you reach berkley it does even out. you can see how it looks. there's a minor accident on the shoulder. it's not causing a big back up, but may be contributing to the slow down. it's about a 15 to 20 minute
7:57 am
delay once you get onto the bridge. the morning commute is not all that bad. we're getting slow traffic on 280 getting out of downtown. there's some fog. sunny and very nice. the fog thickens up right there. it looks like the fog has been increasing a little bit. look at the little spins in the atmosphere. i love that. that's going to set up and enhance the fog starting tomorrow. it's already happening on the coast. sunny and warmer, late breeze out of the west, 60s, 70s, upper 70s, 80s. if you're visiting for the first time and you see the highs at 58 to 88, you say, how can you miss that?
7:58 am
it's about to start in san francisco. the latest high-tech event featuring a possible new challenger for the i pad. cleanup still going on in oakland after a big rig catches fire. we'll have the impact. the city of san francisco wants to make it easier for you to fill up and reduce waste.
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back. it's wednesday. it's june 27? : we're following developing news from colorado springs where the huge wildfire doubled in size just during the night. we are on the phone with julie mcclellan who lives in colorado springs. can you hear me? >> yes. >> tell me what it's like where you are. >> we're in northeastern colorado springs, and from here the past few days, if we walk
8:01 am
down street, we could see flames over the ridge. right now it's really smoky. we really can't see a whole lot. it's just full of smoke. >> are you in any risk of possibly having to be evacuated? >> right now we're not. we're across the highway. all the area west of i-25 has been evacuated. we have friends that live on that side that have been evacuated. we actually have friends staying with us last night because of that. >> we've been reporting that the fire in colorado springs doubled in size during the night. are you scared? >> right now for me on this side of the highway i'm not too
8:02 am
worried. we were talking last night and probably watching the same footage you were watching last night and talking about how we didn't even think the area that was evacuated was going to be hit, and all of a sudden the winds change and a huge thunderstorm came up, actually no rain, but the winds changed and were westerly winds, and that's what ended up happening. it blew the fire east. so then all those neighborhoods over there were in danger. at this point i'm not worried. i'm a little bit scared, but it's probably 7 miles away from us at this point. >> all right. we'll continue to wish you good luck and hope that everything will be okay. you mentioned you have friends there who evacuated. are they available? >> let me hand the phone to
8:03 am
her. >> hello. >> we understand you've had to be evacuated from your home. can you tell us a little about that experience. >> it was very quick. i was driving home from work, and they said mandatory evacuation by the time i got into my neighborhood it was just an orange glow. you couldn't see anything but this orange glow. my son was home, and he had to have all the lights on, it was so dark. so driving through the neighborhoods, you just saw orange and ash falling. >> did you try to grab things? what was it like on the roads driving away? >> it was bumper-to-bumper traffic. cars were overheating. people were trying to pull them off to the side of the road so people could get out. we couldn't really see anything, but you could hear sirens everywhere around you.
8:04 am
we have people that are sick and the police would escort them. >> we hope everyone got out safely. we understand it's record heat and high wind there. >> yes. it took so long to evacuate. i guess we have 900 firefighters, and they're expecting more today just to try and keep it under control. >> were you surprised about how fast it happened, how fast the flames move? >> i never thought it could go that fast. it was crazy. you had no time to do anything. it was amazing. i've never been that close to
8:05 am
fires before. it was scary. >> what are your plans now? you're lucky you've got nice friends you're staying with. >> we are very lucky. everybody is on stand by just waiting to see what happens. it looks like, unfortunately the winds are still blowing down back into the houses so we'll have to wait and see. >> tough situation there. we've had our share of fires, too. colorado's governor says that this is the worst fire season in colorado history, at least one dozens fires burning through the state. it's obviously a story we'll stay on top of. i'm glad we talked to them. the time is 8:05.
8:06 am
back here at home the chp still clearing the scene of an early morning big rig fire in oakland. a truck burst into flames about three hours ago on the market street off-ramp from 880. you can see alex is back again. you've been out there since early this morning. i know you talked to that big rig driver. >>reporter: he tells me his big rig caught fire while he was driving, and he managed to pull it off here to the market street ramp. you can see crews still cleaning up. traffic no longer affected on the freeway or off-ramp. firefighters quickly moved in and knocked this fire down fast. thankfully they kept the flame from spreading to the fuel tanks onboard the truck. the driver of the truck tells me he was headed over to the port of oakland with his load when smoke started coming from
8:07 am
his engine. he pulled off and quickly jumped down. he was not hurt in this fire. we talked to another big rig drive whore just happened to be parked near this off-ramp this morning, and he saw this fire break out. >> a bunch of flames and the guy told me to get the heck out of there. there was a couple of explosions. >> the trailer of the truck did not catch fire. they've finished the cleanup. all lanes are back open at the market street off-ramp on 880. traffic no longer affected and the chp will be doing an investigation trying to figure out the exact cause of the fire
8:08 am
this morning that caused this big rig to burst into flames on the off-ramp in oakland. a plan to cut down on plastic waste by expanding the water bottle filling stations. >>reporter: good morning. we're here on the marina green, and this is one of those filling stations that we're talking about right here. pretty easy to use. stick the bottle under there and press the button, very much like a drinking fountain, but a little more pressure. the city of san francisco is essentially trying to get you to use more of these reusable bottles and fewer of the plastic bottles because these plastic bottles over a 27 hour period, americans use enough of them that if you stack them, they would go around the equator. at the city council meeting yesterday in san francisco, the
8:09 am
board of supervisor president introduced an ordinance that would make it mandatory for new construction and renovation projects to include one of these filling stations within the project plans. we talked about the benefits. >> i can just refill it, save money, and pretty much it. >>reporter: how does it taste? >> like smart good morning.
8:10 am
it's busy all over the place. i want to show you a crash in daily city on our map system, northbound 280 right near 19th avenue exit. overturned vehicle and one person hurt.
8:11 am
in fact, it eye northbound 280 at 19th avenue, a roll over vehicle. one person was hurt. they're take a woman away in the paramedic vehicle when we last checked. let's take a look at northbound 101. remember there's a baseball game. it should be over about 4. more people on the road in the area there. moving along to one more thing. a look at the toll plaza. kind of a big crowd at the toll plaza backed up for about a 20 minute delay. we're dealing with fog twin peaks, but other than that, sunny and nice. not much of a breeze. temperatures starting to warm
8:12 am
up. 80s around the interior. 50s 60s closer to the coast. half moon bay airport, 52 and overcast. san jose 61 degrees. sunny and warm for most of us on the coast.
8:13 am
74 oakland. eighty at san jose. upper 50s, low 60s, and we have a nice day. fog comes back friday and saturday. it does look like a little warm up on sunday. the time 8:13. trouble in paradise that happened with a teenager during a vacation in hawaii. a deadline affecting millions of u.s. college students what's happening now on capitol hill. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months.
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another dust storm started rolling through the phoenix area. the temperatures have been really hot. that wasn't the only problem. temperatures have been blazing hot and expected to stay hot into friday. it is 8:16. student loan rates are set to double in just three days unless congress takes action.
8:17 am
we heard from house speaker john boehner. this is a live look here at a count down clock on a democratic website. it shows the interest rates on 7.5million students would be affected. under a deal announced by senate leaders, the current rate would be extended another year. >> a lot of work that's gone into this. it's not finished yet. >> president obama visited
8:18 am
college campuses this spring urging congress to act on the loan issue, but lawmakers have been a combined 3% pay raise. additional money will come from cuts elsewhere in the health services agency. your time is now 8:18. a beach in maui closed after a
8:19 am
shark attack that happened yesterday morning. now, the teen was playing in the water near a resort with her sisters and father when she was bitten possibly by a black tip reef sharp. >> the main concern is infection so they want to keep it clean and let it heal. >> visitors claim they saw a shark the night before. warning signs are posted on the beach and a decision will be made today as to when the beach will reopen.
8:20 am
. 8:19. today is national hiv testing day. the pilot project set to launch in the east bay and how it's expected to reach more people. >> looking out the window at your weather. look at this. plenty of clear blue skies in the bay area. steve will tell you all about today's high temperatures. good morning. if you're driving on highway 24, it's improved quite a bit from earlier, but we still do have a little bit of slow traffic.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
today is national hiv testing day, and the centers for disease control and prevention is encouraging people to find out their status. mike's pharmacy in oakland will be part of a new pilot program just announced by the cdc. it is one of seven pharmacies nationwide that will offer free anonymous hiv testing. results are ready in 20 minutes. >> making testing as routine and widely available as possible is a step toward the end of aids. >> according to the cdc, more than 1 million people in the u.s. are living with hiv, but one in five don't know that they're infected. time now 8:23.
8:24 am
let's check our commute. can you help our friends on highway 24? >> that's right. we're looking at that, dave. westbound 24 has improved a little bit. we had earlier problems. we had a car fire near lafayette, but it's been cleared for a long time. there's a gravel truck that's disabled or spilling gravel all over the place and may be a hazard for people. let's take a look at the bay bridge. a little bit of improvement. remember, there's a giants game at at&t park. it's going to be a lot of people in the south market
8:25 am
area. moving along and taking a look at the peninsula, the traffic is going to be slow heading up north to daily city. look at the fog. it's going to be warm. the water temperatures have come up. they were cooler. you can see the low cloud deck half moon bay. other places talking about what
8:26 am
fog? a couple little spins in the atmosphere that will start enhancing the fog. then a stronger system will sweep in starting friday into saturday. i don't think we'll get much warmer tomorrow. in fact i think we'll keep it about the same. here comes the cooler weather friday, saturday, slight warm up on sunday. a major new development tied to the suspicious car fires on peninsula. >> firefighters in california show us how they're gearing up and what they have in common with other firefighters. the clock is ticking towards an historic supreme court ruling. we should know the health care reform decision by this time tomorrow.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
federal agents moving in new jersey, the port of newark, a big story. stow a ways are believed to be inside a container ship docked at the port there.
8:30 am
believe it or not, someone knocked back, like out of a movie feel the ship reportedly sailed out of india several weeks ago. it is last stop was in egypt. the container is suspects oakland police are warning people, be careful of what your surroundings are after an alleged sexual assault. a woman says she went into a public restroom on bellevue avenue at lakeview park on june 2 and saw a man inside the restaurant and immediately
8:31 am
turned around to leave, but told the police the man grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. he was described as an african- american man between 30 and 39, dreadlocks with brown tips and a tattoo on the left side of his neck. the woman says the attacker has a jamaican accent. in overnight news, oakland police searching for a gunman who shot a young man with an assault weapon. it was at 82nd avenue and dowling street. the gunman fired several shots from an ak47 or some other kind of assault weapon. the victim was wounded several times and is listed in very serious condition. still not clear what led up to the attack. investigators are questioning witnesses as they continue did the search for the gunman. a driver who is facing felony charges for a crash that
8:32 am
killed a danville mother and her daughter goes back to court this morning. prosecutors have charged john harris with vehicular manslaughter for the crash on sick more valley road last november. harris was driving, but had a serious medical condition that made it very dangerous for him to drive. they say that constitutes gross negligence. a judge could set the trial date today. time coming up on 8:32. firefighters worry they may face another grueling fire season. it's critical they fight the fire on the ground and in the air. the importance of a birds eye perspective. >>reporter: that's a look at the tower. a person will sit from sunrise to sunset. these crews will not be helping
8:33 am
out with the colorado fire since it's state not federal, but employ a lot of the same tactics and are no stranger to fires. we spoke to a pilot who's been fighting fires for 25 years. he says wind can make his job tough. >> visibility, turbulence, smoke, also the unexpected when the fire makes a run towards houses. >>reporter: firefighters say it's difficult to predict how bad a fire season will be. weather is the biggest indicator. these aircraft were used to fight fires during the pipeline
8:34 am
disaster. we're live in santa rosa, ktvu news. the supreme court is expected to hand down its huge decision on president obama's health care reform law tomorrow morning. we have a rundown of the different ways the justices could rule. there's really basically three scenarios. >>reporter: absolutely right. the justices could decide to uphold the law so everything would stay the same. they could decide to take out the individual mandate and tinker around with a few other things that would sort of present a range of different things because i think you'd have to dig into the ruling to figure out exactly what the court did before either side could declare victory. a lot of people worry that that would leave an unworkable
8:35 am
system. down in the basement of the capitol i went by one of the top aids nancy pelosi, who was talking with reporters about what would happen if part of the law was struck down and part was upheld. and then you have the scenario that a lot of republicans are hoping for, striking down the entire law. no one knows except for a small group of people that work at the supreme court. they keep great secrets and we'll find out hopefully a little after 7 a.m. pacific time tomorrow. >> you have covered the supreme court for quite a long time. what's the rationale for weighting until the last minute to issue this decision? >>reporter: they've always done this where they save the biggest case for last. they sort of like to go out with a real blockbuster at the end of the term. this is just always the way
8:36 am
they've operated in the 20 plus years i've been watching the court. you just don't get that. only a few times. i think two or three times is all in the many years that i've been watching the court has anything ever leaked out. one time from a printer who talked a little too much no a reporter and another time to an abc tv reporter who fished something out of a trash can in a conference room he was able to walk into. not much coming out. we'll find out tomorrow. >> everyone is looking at this. obviously it will have a huge impact on everybody because of health care, but also the presidential campaign, a huge impact on that as well. >> let's sort of game this out. if the law is upheld you'll hear republicans demand that it be repeeled.
8:37 am
if the law is thrown out completely, there is some thought that maybe the white house will really go on the attack. really, republicans don't have a plan ready to say, this is what we want to do. they have ideas, but don't have a bill that could get 218 votes today in the house of representatives. >> everyone standing by waiting to see what the big decision is tomorrow. you can find a link to jamie's washington insider blog on our website. go to and pull down the news menu tab and go to the politics page. we'll have full coverage of the health care decision when it comes down from the u.s. supreme court. expect it shortly after 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. all right. time now 8:37. big rig drivers will be paying more money to cross the bay area's seven state owned bridges. starting on sunday, trucks with
8:38 am
three axles will go up from $10..50 to $15. eighteen dollars to $25 for four. these toll hikes will affect every bay area bridge with the exception of the golden gate bridge. >> because that is not state owed. speaking of bridges and traffic. let's take a look at the commute now. speaking of commutes, we have an accident here, a crash southbound 101 right before the 580 interchange in the fast lane. it looks like the chp is trying to get the cars out of the way. usually when they do that, they
8:39 am
run a traffic break. so if you're coming in over the hill, you'll see slow traffic. if you're further down the line, it's not affecting you. as you can see, joe is moving the camera a little bit and it's definitely affecting the traffic here. a picture of the bay bridge there. it's going to be backed up about 10 minutes, but later on this morning more people coming in for the giants dodger game. giants have won the first two and are going for the sweep today. let's move along to northbound 280. a little bit of slow traffic approaching a crash at john daily boulevard and 19th avenue. the traffic on the bridge is good. a little slow heading to freemont. you mentioned it. why play at at&t when it's so
8:40 am
sunny and nice at candlewood. mostly clear, patchy fog. there is a little bit. clear sunny and warmer, but by the coast upper 50s or low 60s, and that's why. it does look like some of the fog is thinning out a little bit, but half moon bay, it sure looks foggy to me there. 50s on the temperatures. these are about 40 minutes old so probably warmer than that for many. a couple little ripples or spokes in the mail coming down. here's a little bit that's going to start picking up the fog bank. more likely stronger energy will come in on friday and saturday for a cooldown. parts of the coast very nice,
8:41 am
although some of the fog is creeping down to the northern part of the coastline. 60s, 70s and upper 80s. here comes the cool down friday and saturday and a little bump in the temperatures on sunday. a hot debate in oakland over a plan to oversee the oakland police department. the plan calls for a citizen
8:42 am
run police commission. it reportedly would have the power to make police department policy and review police investigations. supporters include long time critics and backers of the police department. they say the commission could keep a judge from putting the police department under federal control. however, the police union is against the idea and so administrators say police reforms are already starting. it is 8:41. fifty young singers from around the bay area are headed to london to perform at the summer olympics. there are no additions to join the choir which rehearses there. children 5-18 perform songs from all over the world and 35 different cultures represented. >> our whole thing is about uniting the world with children's voices. >> the choir has also performed at the white house and south
8:43 am
africa. we've posted more information about the trip to the olympics. just look for the links section. medical experts are talking about today's popular diet. which diet came out on time. the unusual demand from the wife of san francisco's suspended sheriff in order to get her to testify in his trial. ♪
8:44 am
♪ ♪
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8:46 am
. a huge wildfire in colorado springs doubled this size overnight. this fire is not even close to being contained and triple digit temperatures are making it hard to put out. back here at home a big rig burst into flames near the market street.
8:47 am
they have a plan to keep student loan rates from doubling on july 1. unless congress takes action over the next three days, loan rates for more than 7 million students will double from 3.4% to 6.8%. it is 8:46. a man and woman are facing criminal charges accused of attacking pregnant woman on bart. the suspect tried to take the woman's laptop, and the woman refused to hand it over and the suspects allegedly punched her and took her cell phone. passengers alerted the bart operator. the suspects were arrested after the train arrived at the pittsburgh bay point station. the pregnant woman was treated at a hospital and released. it was a terrifying sight for advice terse at the los angeles us zoo. they were looking at this group of chimpanzees when an adult
8:48 am
male grabbed a three month old from her mother and killed it. helpless visitors looked on in shock. >> a bunch of screaming like the monkeys getting crazy. >> we're going to have to considerate what age we introduce babies to the group. i didn't think this was going to be a problem. >> the zoo says the dead chimp is still with her mother and grandmother to allow them the opportunity to grief. the infant was slowly being introduced to the other chimps and there have been no indication of aggressive behavior against her. it's unclear what if anything will happen to the male adult? : a couple from southern california now being did he taped by police in the african nation of ghana after they adopted four children there. the children were adopt the on june 14, but detained on monday. they're investigating the legality of the adoption after getting an anonymous tip that accused the couple of of child
8:49 am
trafficking. in syria, gunmen attacked a pro government tv station today killing seven employees. you're looking at new video. no one has claimed responsibility, but the syrian government says this is an example of, quote, rebel atrocities. it is 8:49. new details in the jerry sandusky case. complaints about the former football coach may have fallen on deaf ears. his adopted son matt recently accused sandusky of sexual abuse. now matt's biological mother says she was suspicious of jerry sandusky decades ago and says he was pushy, controlling, and kept matt from his birth family. she accuses the courts of ignoring her concerns. there is new fall out in
8:50 am
the martin case. the detective has been reassigned to the patrol division at his request. he recommended the gunman face manslaughter charges. police say zimmerman could have diffuse had the situation if he had identified himself as the neighborhood watch volunteer. police say the switch is not a demotion as he will continue at the same pay grade. the case of san francisco's suspended sheriff has taken another strange turn. his wife is reportedly ready to fly up from venezuela to testify in person at her husband's misconduct hearing, but with one condition. theshe wants the city to pick up the tab for her round trip airfare. the commission's director says his panel simply does not have the money. investigating a bank
8:51 am
robbery in downtown san francisco. it happened monday evening at an unnamed bank on the 400 block of sutter street. the suspect gave the bank teller a note demanding cash. the robber got some money, then ran away. no one was injured in that incident. undercover police will be at the county fair today mixing into the crowd, looking for signs of possible sex offenders preying on kids. there have been no incidents involving sex offenders since the fair opened last wednesday, but it's a precaution. >> word gets out. if you do anything, they're going to arrest you and take you to jail. >> so far there have been five arrests at the county fair. most of those are alcohol related. police think a domestic dispute led to the city's first homicide in almost 10 years. police say they found a 52-year- old woman's body inside a home
8:52 am
yesterday afternoon. they say they recovered a weapon near a neighbor's home. a 62-year-old man was arrested. police say he and the victim had lived together at least 10 years. there's a new study that claims a low-carb diet may burn the most calories. the study from the national institutes of health compared low cash diets to low fat and low glycemic index diets. the participants who were on a low-carb diet burned more than those on a low fat diet. a dog goes barking up the wrong tree and gets stuck. we'll tell you what that dog was chasing. also, we're looking at traffic for you. this is a live picture and he
8:53 am
will take a look at wait times at the bay bridge.
8:54 am
8:55 am
beautiful views and open spaces to enjoy.
8:56 am
carpenters are protesting outside of a builder's conference in san francisco. they're in the california carpenters union. you're looking at new video here of their protest against blue homes which has production facilities here in the bay area. the carpenters claim they've refused to recognize their unions. a woman who threw her purse at a vehicle is out? money. several teens in a rain rover through a milk shake at her. the woman then threw her purse as the teenagers and landed inside the range rover. police say the woman had $2,000 inside her purse. the san francisco police and board of supervisors are investigating alleged assaults against members of a group opposing the chinese government. 6,000 people so far have seen the you tube video showing members protesting in san francisco's china town. the june 10 video then shows an altercation between two men and demonstrators. the protest groups claims the
8:57 am
men belong to the chinese communist party and were ordered to attack. . many people could not believe their eyes when a dog got stuck in a tree last tuesday. firefighters say the eight-year- old terrier was chasing a raccoon when he climbed a tree and realized he couldn't get down. firefighters were amazed when they saw the dog was 30 feet up the tree, but were able to use a rescue harness to get the dog to safety. >> no jokes about barking up the wrong tree. we're looking at the santa clara valley. still a busy commute. watch for slow traffic on 101 and 280. then quickly a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of people getting into town for the dodger giants
8:58 am
game. some fog, coastline twin peaks south, but other than that sunny and warm. about the same thursday. next week looking warmer. that's our report for watching. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure and join us for news at noon and more on the wildfire in colorado springs. thank you for joining us.
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